Maudsley Health – Training and Education

We can provide training courses and/or workshops on a range of subjects across the age range. These can be individually tailored.

Examples of workshops:

•    Introduction to mental health difficulties in children and adolescents.
•    Supporting children with autism spectrum and related disorders.
•    Supporting children who self-harm (including those who markedly restrict their eating).
•    Supporting children with anxiety, obsessional compulsive disorders and related disorders
•    The impact of parental mental ill health and domestic violence on children and young people
•    Helping pupils and parents with the pressure of examinations and exam preparation
•    Working with children and young people who have been bullied.
•    Working with hard-to-engage families.
•    Understanding child and adolescent bereavement.
•    Clinical Supervision-skills, ethics and values
•    Working with adults with ADHD
•    Workshops on specific areas of difficulty including depression and mood disorders, restrictive eating patterns, anorexia, behavioral disorders, post-traumatic stress.
•    Recognizing the symptoms of mental ill health and promoting resilience
•    Assessing risk, resilience and self-harm.
•    Working with personality disorders.
•    Compassion Focussed Therapy for Depression.

The service is able to provide access to the highly specialist CAMHS services provided by the CAMHS Clinical Academic Group in the UK.