Dr Mima Simic

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Joint Head of Child and Adolescent Eating Disorder Service


Dr Mima Simic completed her Doctor of Medicine (MD) qualifications at the University of Belgrade in the former Yugoslavia, followed by specialised training in child and adolescent psychiatry.  She then retrained as a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist at the Maudsley Hospital and St. George’s Hospital, London.

Dr Simic is Joint Head of the National and Specialist Child and Adolescent Eating Disorder Service (CAEDS) at the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, as well as a Consultant Psychiatrist with the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Service for young people with emerging borderline personality disorder.  She developed the novel Intensive Treatment Programme (ITP) within CAEDS.  ITP offers an integrative treatment approach that combines cognitive remediation therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy skills groups, family therapy, multi-family therapy and paediatric reviews.  This service opened in September 2010.

Dr Simic has participated in the development of multi-family group therapy for anorexia nervosa and related training.

She has co-led the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidance implementation on self-harm and eating disorders.

Dr Simic is a visiting specialist consultant to the service in Abu Dhabi and is HAAD registered.

In addition to the above, Dr Simic is active in teaching, training and research in the United Kingdom and abroad, and has been involved in multi-centric research studies on anorexia nervosa and self-harm. She has published widely in the peer-reviewed journals and has authored a number of book chapters. She currently trains and lectures in many countries alongside her clinical and research work.

Dr Simic is collaborating with Professor Ivan Eisler, Professor Ulrike Schmidt and Professor David Cottrell on research testing the outcomes and cost-effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and family therapy in treating eating disorders and self-harm in adolescents.  She was also involved in a pilot study on CBT treatment for adolescents who self-harm that has been published as a book.