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Speech-Language Impairment: General Awareness and Therapies In the UAE

Speech and language acquisition is a natural process. But some find it difficult to comprehend language and articulate speech. Well! Here we will talk about speech & language difficulties and verified therapies available in the UAE to improve such conditions.

When it comes to mental health and speech impairment, society tends to stigmatize people facing difficulties. Such stigmatizations increase anxiety and lower the confidence level of patients by creating a barrier in improvement and treatment.

technology assisted therapies and behavioural training programmes to cure speech-language impairments.

Here, we are going to unfold the particularities of speech and language impairment & effective treatment available to improve communication skills and related difficulties.

Speech-Language Impairment: Causes, Consequences and Available Therapy in the UAE 

Receptive and expressive challenges are common childhood disabilities that could pose behavioural changes. If detected in its primary stage, we could help the affected to overcome consequences through effective therapies

Speech-Language challenges can be caused due to psychological issues like negligence faced in childhood or lack of conversational possibilities. As the families have turned to become nuclear, chances for enhancing communication skills have decreased a lot.

If you find learning disabilities, reading difficulty or any sort of recurring behavioural changes in children, never shrug it off. Consult a renowned mental health professional to ensure that your child is not facing any kind of speech or language challenge in comprehending or articulating things.

Mostly, parents, guardians and teachers fail to understand speech and language impairment in children. Lack of awareness is the reason for inattentiveness towards receptive and expressive disorders.

Hearing impairment, genetic factors ( Autism, Down Syndrome), brain injury, social trauma are some of the reasons for receptive and expressive challenges found in children. We cannot generalise speech-language impairment into a single category.

Speech-language therapists in the UAE have identified different types of receptive and expressive challenges and different remedies to overcome such disorders.

Common Types of Impairments and Related Therapies

Therapies are prescribed according to the age, physical condition and type of impairments. One-on-one treatment and group sections will be provided to enhance communication skills and comprehensibility.

Maudsley Health Centre in the UAE is a one-stop solution that provides professional guidance of a speech-Language Therapist (SLT) to improve the communication capabilities. Here are some common speech-language impairments and related therapies you should know to spread awareness about mental health and speech-language difficulty.

Therapy for Lisps 

Do you know anyone who mispronounces words?

It happens Once, twice or thrice with everyone, and it is common in children. But if the condition recurs by making it difficult to pronounce consonants like ‘th’, ‘z’, ‘w’, ‘r’, etc then there is a possibility of speech impairment. The assistance of recommended mental health centres like Maudsley HealthCare can help you to get curable personal care and training to overcome such conditions.

Straw drinking exercise is a supplementary technique that could be practised to cure lisps. But it is ideal to consult a Speech-Language Therapist to identify the type of lisps and tongue positioning to get a one-to-one treatment and remarkable result.

Therapy for Stammering

Stammering can be psychological and physiological. People with over anxiety experience stammering. Respiratory interruption or stroke or progressive neurological condition also cause stammering in humans.

Maudsley Health medical centre in the UAE provides effective therapy for stammering. Fluency modification technique, voluntary speech therapy and personal construct therapy are some of the effective techniques prescribed to reduce stuttering.

Therapy for Aphasia 

Aphasia causes difficulty in reading, writing and understanding languages. Consequentially, it results in learning disabilities, lack of speech fluency, and ability to comprehend.

Speech and language therapy incorporating visual techniques are recommended for Aphasia. Conversational coaching, pace therapy, category therapy and number therapy are commonly practised to overcome Aphasia.

Therapy for Selective Mutism 

Selective mutism is caused due to anxiety and lack of confidence to appear in social settings. Children with selective mutism would be active inside the privacy of their home. Effective speech-language therapy, Cognitive behavioural therapy and medication are recommended to reduce selective mutism.

Therapy for Autism

Repetitive behaviour and difficulty in verbal and non-verbal communication indicate symptoms of Autism disorder. Speech-Language Therapists offer training and various sensory exercises to children having Autism to improve their social behavioural skill and communication skill.

Maudsley Health Centre: One-stop Speech-language therapy Centre

Every person is born unique. No two brains function equally. According to genetic factors, people respond differently to circumstances, language, and actions. Some may need extra care from health professionals to bring out their capabilities; Some may do it themselves. The pace of comprehensibility differs.

Maudsley Health Centre in the UAE provides expert training and therapy to those affected with the receptive and expressive disorder. We provide verified treatment to children, youngsters and adults facing developmental and emotional difficulties