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Marriage Counselling in Abu Dhabi: Importance and Counselling Benefits

Finding peace and happiness in personal life is the ultimate goal of every individual. Keeping people around you happy, and remaining self-motivated is imperative to build a happy and prosperous family life. 

Are you going to put a full stop to your bachelor/bachelorette life? Or, are you someone trying to find happiness in your family life. 

To unfold the success of married life, take part in Maudsley’s marriage counselling program in Abud Dhabi and find the threshold to happiness. Relationship issues are common among couples. We help you identify the problems and guide you to frame solutions instead of escaping from these problems.

Marriage Counselling in Abu Dhabi


Understanding each other and mutual respect are the two crucial elements to build trust and happiness in your married life. Never consider your partners as a source to ease and comfort your life. Scroll down to see the importance of marriage counselling programs in Abu Dhabi.

Why You Need Marriage Counselling Program 

Marriage counselling programs are beneficial for individuals who are victims of strained relationships and those who are planning to start married life. Discussing your issues and concerns with an expert therapist can help you find a solution and build a new perspective on maintaining a good relationship with your partner. 

You should seek the assistance of a marriage counsellor if you feel that there is a need to improve your understanding and relationship with your partner. There are situations where even after living together for years, couples fail to see things through the same frame. Ideological differences and lifestyle problems always create relationship issues. 

In such cases, an external help or third party involvement helps to clarify things by encouraging the couples to share their problem and find an amicable solution. A counsellor will be able to find a clear cut therapeutic guidance by motivating people to understand their own issues and their partner’s difficulty.  

The issue could be anything like sexual dysfunction, trauma, lack of intimacy and physical abuse, family conflict, or infidelity. Marriage counsellors will help you to overcome the problems through effective counselling programs.

 Mostly, marriage counsellors try to figure out the issue by initiating a joint session which creates a platform for the couple to address their problem.  

It is always ideal to seek a helping hand instead of ignoring the issue and aggravating its range. Here are some of the effective couple therapies and guidance offered by Marriage counsellors in Abu Dhabi:

Emotion-Focused Therapy in Abu Dhabi

Emotion is a key factor that frames our environment. Every therapy in some way or other is engaged in enhancing our emotions. Emotion-focused therapy provides awareness on emotional well-being, its regulation and strategic transformation. 

Therapists identify maladaptive emotions that hinder you from leading a positive life. And it helps you to channelise and control your emotions to bring a transformation in your personal life. Resultantly, the therapy guides couples to understand each other and strengthen bonding by developing genuine interaction skills and listening skills.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Abu Dhabi

Behavioural therapy tries to focus on conditioning your behaviour to accept the reality of relationships instead of fantasising an imaginary life. The influence of social media and the unrealistic portrayal of relationships creates high-end expectations in couples, which in the end leads to relationship issues. Your thoughts and actions are interchangeably linked. If you are successful in channelising your thoughts, then you can control your actions too.

Marriage Counselling in Abu Dhabi

The therapists engage you with exercises to control your behaviour and attitude towards your partner and daily life. Enhancement of communication skills and problem-solving ability are key focus areas in Behavioural therapy. 

Discernment Counselling in Abu Dhabi

Discernment counselling is fit for couples who are on the verge of separation. The counsellor tries to find a loophole to bring a common desire in couples to lead a peaceful life together. Discerning therapy is mostly considered a wise choice if one among the partners wishes to preserve the relationship. 

Discerning Counselling helps to analyse the future of a relationship. It helps to identify potential solutions and bring couples to a common floor to take an amicable and pragmatic decision. Moreover, it helps to reduce premature divorce cases.

Innovations and researches in marriage counselling and therapies are being continuously framed to save couples from premature divorces and breakups. Marriage counselling is a productive program to bring awareness on relationship issues. 

If additional care and assistance could bring a change, never hide from it. Find the best marriage counselling centre in Abu Dhabi and make all the possible efforts to sustain your life and happiness. 

If you plan to seek the assistance of a marriage counsellor in Abu Dhabi, make sure that the one you chose has required training certificate, experience in marriage counselling, and adequate treatment plan fit for your issue. 

Maudsley Health for a Better life 

When it comes to emotion, family and relationship goals, we look for heightened attention and intense care. Our professional therapists and counsellors are licensed in providing effective marriage counselling. We help people develop emotional and cognitive skills to lead a peaceful life through reciprocated respect and bonding. Maudsley lightens your life by giving you a new perspective to deal with relationship issues.